Calling all sponsors!...

Football For Funding

This week saw Football For Funding finalise the details of the corporate sponsorship packages which will, not only help to fund the event, but will stretch far beyond that and raise vital funds for this year's chosen charities.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event in any way then please contact Guy or Chris and they will be happy to discuss what options are still available as a main sponsor or if you're looking at a smaller scale, advertising within the match day programme. We'd like to invite businesses of all sizes to get involved in some way as 100% of the profits from this event will be going to the charities and every little helps.

If you are unable to help the cause financially, we'd still love to hear from you if you could help in other way, such as offering any services that you may feel would benefit the event. We are actively searching for photographers, entertainers, inflatables etc.

We'd also love to hear from you if you feel that you could make a donation towards our raffle or Grand Auction. We'll be looking to raise funds via our Grand Auction by offering exclusive items for sale such as signed sporting memorabilia in the evening. If you know a man, who knows a man, who knows a celebrity or sportsman who may be able to supply something to put up for auction then please contact us.

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