Amateur All-Stars Kit Release...

Football For Funding would like to extend special thanks to CustomKit.Com for their help with us being able to kit the Amateur All-Stars out in this great Nike kit. With the generosity shown by O'Connell's (Official Kit Sponsor) and, the team will at the very least look there part!!

Fancy getting involved?

With 4 weeks to go until FEVER PITCH, now would be a great time to take your place on the team and begin raising funds. With a third of the squad filled, fundraising has already begun but it's never too late and the squad still needs to be completed. If you're interested then please read below for further details.

We're looking to field a team of enthusiastic players who are determined to raise a lot of money for charity - after all that is what the day is all about! (That and beating ex pros and celebrities!)

To that end we require a MINIMUM of £300 sponsorship but we don't want it to end there...

To make sure we achieve this - and incentivise you - we require a £300 deposit to secure your place. This is fully refundable should you hit your minimum target. If you don't, then congratulations - you've just sponsored yourself the difference! This enables us to guarantee our minimum sponsorship and the investment we've made for The Arsenal Charity Team to appear.

Everyone will be guaranteed 45 minutes. We will have an 18 man squad comprised of 2 keepers and 16 outfield players. (If you can't manage 45 minutes let us know, it's not a problem, we have roll-on roll-off subs).

If you're still interested then the procedure for booking your place is as follows :-

1) Email us at with the position you are after, and any other positions you are willing to play. This will enhance your chance of a place - we have to get a team together. A ten man strike force isn't going to wash.

2) You will then receive the payment details and reference. This will be a 'friends and family' payment on PayPal. Once the receipt of this has been acknowledged, congratulations - you are on the team. A 28 day countdown now begins.

3) You are then able to create a BT My Donate account (If you don't already have one) and link it to our event. (Details in your acknowledgement).

4) Deposit £25 to start the ball rolling and cover your kit. This will be yours to treasure/ frame/destroy in disgust at the end.

5) Start fundraising!

6) At the end of the 28 days, any shortfall of the £325 (minus Gift Aid) will be made up by us from your deposit. The remainder will be returned to you, again via PayPal. If you have achieved the required amount before then, please message Chris or Guy and we can effect the refund more quickly.

7) Don't stop there! Keep fundraising! We want to make a real difference here. If your mother's aunt's dog has a trust fund get THEM to sponsor you. There will be an award for the most successful fundraiser.

Guy and Chris are available for any questions you may have about the process or any other details.

On the day the Match will kick off at 1pm. Everyone must be on site by 12 noon. We hope you'll join us sooner - we'll be there from 10am, but anyone not there by midday will be deemed to be not playing (any genuine reasons for being late will be accepted at the discretion of the organisers AS LONG AS THEY ARE KEPT INFORMED). Don't expect to breeze up at ten to one without telling anyone and expect to play.

We will be looking to arrange an informal training session a couple of weeks before for anyone who fancies blowing off some cobwebs. It'll also be a great chance for the team to get to know each other.

Player positions will be decided beforehand by the manager and his decision will be final. In saying that, we will do our damndest to accommodate everyone's desire, but this may not be practical (see 10 man strike force above).

Remaining details will be advised on the day. We have a professional photographer who will be documenting everyone's successes/humiliations and these will be available to purchase afterwards in digital format that you can download.

We look forward to seeing you and thanks in advance for your sterling efforts!

Guy and Chris

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